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Hello Eveyone!

My name is Paula Mitchell-Fankhauser. I am a Kingman native, wife and mother of four.
I always enjoy having my camera with me to capture life's little moments and priceless memories.
I am passionate about photography. My goal and mission is to offer beautiful
images that are also affordable.

For me photography is more than just a hobby. It is a reflection of who I am and what my eyes see. It is an opportunity. An opportunity to capture a moment and hold it forever. I hope you will enjoy going through my website and looking at the different scenes that I have shot. All or most of my photographs are for sale. They can be signed at an extra cost and are shipped in careful packaging. Please let me know if you have any questions.
My email is:
Phone: 620.491.1102

I am a location photographer,
I can arrange to meet you at any location in the surrounding area
or will travel further for an extra charge.

Prices subject to change with out notice.
Also note that when you get CD of images from me if you purchase that option. The images are going to be high rez.. and if you print them at a place like Walmart. They are not able to print the high quality prints unlike the pro labs I use.. Walmart cant print any thing over 172 DPI if they do, it is converted to 172 dpi. so they will lower the rez to fit their machines. That is what makes the difference between pro photographers and shoot and run photographers. Plus Walmart type of photos are printed on Ink jet prints. They will fade.
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